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Unable to find a solution that completely meets your needs? Explore our application-wise solutions for your exact requirements.


Neonatal Sepsis

Our neonatal sepsis tests utilize salivary biomarkers to provide high accuracy screening for sepsis in newborns.

Bed-side non-invasive tests enables faster therapeutic decisions without depending on blood testing facilities


Maternal Health

We provide a bundle of routine antenatal tests with focus on minimal sample preparation and expertise requirement. We also have bedside diagnostics for preeclampsia that can be easily deployed at field.



Biomarker  based immune response tests to assess the inflammatory state and cause of inflammation. These tests can be used for patients with chronic infections, arthritis or other inflammatory syndromes.



One step test to access male or female fertility health with minimum sample preparation and quick results.


Cardiac Diseases

The entire cardiac panel is bedside in emergency and trauma care facilities. This test panel requires upto 20 minutes to interpret results and can be used at emergency areas before admitting the patient for a full profile. 



Non-invasive early screening markers such as CEA, CA-125, PSA and FOB enable easy screening at the periphery with integrated decision support tools.


Infectious Diseases

We provide options for quick infectious disease screening across Malaria, Dengue, ,Typhoid and Chikungunya. 



Semiquantitative reading of urine strips are better enablers in screening and monitoring of UTI rather than visual dipstick analysis methods.


Liver and Kidney

Easy at bedside or chairside test that can be used by general physicians for screening and monitoring of liver, kidney or pancreatic dysfunctions.

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